“MosvodokanalNIIproject” Institute was established 75 years ago for the designing of water supply and wastewater disposal and treatment systems aimed at complex solution of problems related to the establishment of optimum urban engineering infrastructure. At present “MosvodokanalNIIproject Institute” Joint Stock Company is a multi-purpose research, design and exploratory organization carrying out work in the field of establishing life-support systems – water supply; wastewater disposal and treatment; urban waste management; industrial and consumption waste utilization and neutralization; environmental protection.

In Moscow all water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations for water supply and wastewater disposal networks, as well as the main facilities for solid domestic waste neutralization and utilization have been constructed upon the projects of “MosvodokanalNIIproject”. 

The constructed facilities of water supply and wastewater disposal systems are unique from the angles of their treatment capacity and the flow charts, construction and architectural concepts applied for their design. The total design capacity of 5 water treatment plants in Moscow exceeds 6 million m3 per day. The water treatment processes provide standard drinking water quality and the epidemiological safety of the water supply system of the capital, based on the application of the newest technologies. 

The total treatment capacity of 4 wastewater treatment complexes in Moscow also amounts to 6.3 million m3 per day, providing high-quality treatment of wastewater. 

At present, by the order of the Government of Moscow, the water supply and wastewater disposal systems of the capital are being reconstructed. The Institute carries out the designing of complex modernization of the existing facilities in water treatment plants through the application of the newest equipment and up-to-date technologies for ozonation – sorption and disinfection. The large-scale reconstruction of wastewater treatment facilities constructed in 1970s is also carried out. The recently constructed and put in operation facilities for ultra-violet disinfection of treated wastewater prior to its discharge into water-bodies (the disinfection capacity of these facilities is within the range of 1 – 3 million m3 per day) provide the ecological safety of the Moskva River and its tributaries. 

The system of snow-melting points for the reception and melting of the snow mass removed from urban highways is also established upon the projects of the Institute. The total design capacity of the system exceeds 27 million m3 of snow per season. 

Two large waste incineration plants and a system of waste processing and compacting plants have been constructed in Moscow upon the projects of the Institute. The institute is also engaged in the reconstruction and modernization of solid domestic waste dumping sites. 

The Institute has innovative approaches in the following fields:

  • Environmental water and wastewater treatment technologies
  • Automation of water treatment and waste processing technological processes
  • Planning the modernization and development of urban water supply and wastewater disposal networks aimed at reducing all types of water losses in the systems 
  • Water use rationalization based on monitoring and management of engineering diagnostics of water and wastewater pipelines and relevant equipment
  • Substantiating the choice of technologies and methods of trenchless pipe rehabilitation and laying without any earthworks; this issue is especially topical taking into account the abundance of engineering lines and structures in the underground space of Moscow
  • Developing systems for industrial and consumption waste removal, processing and utilization 

The laboratories of the Institute have up-to-date precision analytic equipment and certified methodological support; they are accredited at the federal level and carry out the entire complex of analyses and engineering and ecological research work, including field-scale, laboratory-scale and cameral work at the facilities of Moscow, the obtained results being coordinated with the Moscow Division of the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection “Rospotrebnadzor”.

At present “MosvodokanalNIIproject” JSC is the only large Russian design organization that solves the entire range of all engineering tasks in the field of water supply, wastewater disposal and domestic and industrial waste treatment. 

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